Game audio

Sound design and technical implementation

Movie sound design

More than 25 feature films of experience

Production sound

Highly skilled location sound recordist

Baglyd is an award winning creative sound design company working primarily with movies and games. The core of the company is the CEO, owner, creative director, webdesigner and sole employee, Hans Christian Kock, who has been playing and working with sound effects since 1973, and who occasionally speaks of himeslf in third person.
He - well, I design sounds for a living. I record sounds, I edit them, I mix them, I manipulate and process them, I clean them up and put them togheter with other sounds. I put them into video games or I attach them to moving images. I use them to tell stories, to create emotions or to set a pace. I'm having great fun in doing all this, and I even get paid to do it...

  • Robert - Danish Film Academy Award
    1x winner - Best Sound, 2008 ("Island of Lost Souls")
    5x nominated - Best sound 2006, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2024
    (all films as supervising sound designer and re-recording mixer)

  • Oscar - Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
    1x winner - Best short film, 2003 (“This charming man”)
    1x nominated - Best foreign film 2013 (“A Royal Affair”)
    (both films as supervising sound designer and re-recording mixer)

  • Czech Lion - Czech Film and Television Academy Award
    1x winner - Best sound, 2018. ("Po strnisti bos")
    (as sound designer and re-recording mixer)

  • Spilprisen - Danish Producers' Association - videogame award
    3x nominated - Best audio, twice in 2015, once in 2020
    (all games as audio director)